Remedial Teaching Programme

SVIS knows the importance of Remedial Teaching Programme where we diagnose the learning difficulties and then take corrective measures through a carefully planned "Remedial Teaching Programme" and " Personalised Learning " through assessment material and study plans for each child in self analysis ,planning and goal setting because we believe that every child can learn.

Health care

The school has its own infirmary. A health record of each student will be maintained in the school through regular medical check-ups. SVIS has installed water purifiers in the campus to provide clean and filtered water. We have kept in mind the utmost hygiene and safety of the students with PVC vinyl flooring in the classrooms to ensure no cuts and bruises .

Smart Class

SVIS is providing the students SMART CLASS for innovative learning . Smart class technology is the best audio visual way to synchronise the study content material with visuals , colours, music, and movement. We have chosen the pioneers in this field , hence SVIS has Smart Class powered by TEACH NEXT. In today’s world , learning has become fun through Smart Class .

Physical Education

SVIS lays great emphasis on the physical education of the students. They are encouraged to participate in all kinds of physical activities and sports for physical fitness. Taekwondo, yoga, meditation etc. are given importance. Thus, bringing about awareness among students for the need of physical education.


SVIS also has an auditorium named "GALAXY", which can accomodate a large number of students. The inter-house competitions, cultural programmes and various other activities like seminars, workshops etc.which take place in the school are held here.


Our library has a plethora of more than 5000 books . Students can choose from a variety of books , periodicals, journals and newspapers. The books in the library would enable the students to widen their horizon and increase their knowledge about current affairs, history, literature , thus helping in the overall development of the child. Our library also has a section for the little ones comprising of fairy tales , story books, comics and colouring books.

Splash pool

The fresh clean water of the splash pool has tempted our toddlers to take a dip and enjoy during the hot summer but at the same time they have been able to get rid of the fear of going into the water.


The big playground provided in the campus has given an opportunity to the students to refresh themselves with physical activities and sports like kho-kho, relays,drills thereby keeping them fit and active.

Indoor games

Indoor games like carom and chess have enabled students to be dexterous at hand and think logically as well as positively.

Parent Teacher Interaction

The school organizes PTM on regular basis. It is compulsory for all parents to attend the PTM. They meet the teachers and know the progress of their ward, if needed, may even discuss the personnel problems of their children and put forward their valuable suggestions.

Urdu Class

At SVIS, we encourage students to read and write urdu language under the guidance of an eminent urdu scholar. This class is open for all students who like to learn the rich language at no extra charges.

Eco-Friendly Environment

SVIS lays great emphasis on conserving the natural resources and has taken the best possible measures to do so. In this process a fully functional water harvesting technique has been put in force to conserve one of the most significant elements of nature i.e water. The designing of the building has been done in such a manner that direct sunlight enters each and every classroom , providing the students with natural light . The school is surrounded by green trees and plants all over the campus, providing fresh and clean air, thus creating a healthy environment in the school.

Security Measures

SVIS has installed CCTV cameras, all over the school for strict monitoring over the activities of the students in the school campus. Security is on alert are at the gate. The school is equipped with fire safety measures in case of emergency. To ensure that your child is in safe hands while returning from school, we have the Pick Card facility which when shown at the time of dismissal, only then the child is handed over to the respective person.

Counseling and Career Guidance

Students welfare and advice services are also available. Our counselors help the children to feel comfortable in their home away from home shedding their initial blues. Individual care is given, only when needed, for the emotional well being of the students.
Career guidance is initiated even in the junior classes. As the students get to senior classes where they need to exercise their options in subjects they are given more rigorous and personalized counseling.