The Sky Valley International School is a co-education institution running classes from P.G. onwards on CBSE norms. It was established in the year 2013.

Thinking back to where we were a year ago, I take pride in how much we have been able to do for the cause of education. We have a dedicated team of teachers constantly mentoring the students entrusted to their care and also updating and refining themselves in teaching methodology. We have an admirable infrastructure which includes every modern facility, a huge auditorium, a sports field, Computer, Science and Math’s Lab, Activity Area, Indoor and Outdoor activities as well.

The atmosphere here at SVIS is like that of a laboratory, full of experimentation, innovation and creativity. As our name suggest ‘Sky Valley’ we ensure that the child’s education is grounded in practical rather than purely theoretical knowledge and believe that Sky is the limit.

Our trustees and our staff are once again ready to pour forth their wisdom, hard work and skill with even more zeal.

We invite you to join us as we continue to instill values and skills , acquire habits of self- discipline and curiosity, develop respect and concern for every soul and maintain openness in terms of ‘Unity in diversity’.

Chairman's Message

Dear Prospective Parents ,
After the two successful years of imparting education to students entrusted to our care at Sky Valley International School, I have come to believe that there is a paradigm shift happening in education from slow to swift, unproductive to productive, rote learning to application based learning.
Our aim is not just to impart quality education but to mould and chisel each student into multifaceted personality . It is rightly said “ If you are planning for a year , sow rice, if you are planning for a decade , plant trees , if you are planning for a lifetime , educate people". Indeed, one can say that quality of education will determine the destiny of the nation.
For me education does not mean providing answers. It means equipping students with skills and abilities that can enable them to think creatively and logically.
SVIS has laid great emphasis in building an ideal infrastructure and education system best suitable for the overall development of the students with the help of dedicated team of teachers and staff members.
Mrs. Nilima Agarwal

Principal’s Message

‘Childhood envelopes in its ambit, innocence and playfulness coupled with joy and freedom.’
We at Sky Valley International, want all the students entrusted to our care to have ignited minds so that they become thinking individuals and creative leaders of tomorrow.
Time has once again flown by and we are here at the end of the second glorious session full of events and laurels. Our hearts harbor gratitude towards the students and their parents, as they stood by us during the most challenging circumstances and have been a relentless source of cooperation. Teachers and the staff have been the trustworthy sentinels who endeavors have lent a sparkling glow through out the session.
The moral and spiritual guidance imparted by us will now synthesize with the latest technologi9es and extensive amenities to bring about a revolution in the field of education.