Chairman's Message
Dear Prospective Parent ,

I am immensely pleased to present before you the prospectus of Sky Valley International School. I believe that there is a paradigm shift happening in education from slow to swift, unproductive to productive, rote learning to application based learning.

Our aim is not just to impart quality education but to mould and chisle each student into multifaceted personality . It is said that " if you planning for a year , sow rice, if you are planning for a decade , plant trees , if you are planning for a lifetime , educate people". Indeed, one can say that quality of education will determine the destiny of the nation.

For me education does not mean providing answers. It means equipping students with skills and abilities that can enable them to think creatively and logically.

SVIS has laid great emphasis in building an ideal infrastructure and education system best suitable for overall development of the students with the help of dedicated team of teachers and staff members.

Best wishes,
Mrs. Nilima Agarwal